Japanese / English

Access to Licht

86 Miyaji Tateyama-machi,Nakaniikawa-gun,Toyama-ken 930-1367

Public transportation       

From Tokyo Station     

1. About 2 hours from Tokyo station to Toyama station by Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train).

2.Walk about 3 minutes to Toyama Chihou Railway to take a train to Iwakuraji station. About 30 minutes ride on the train.

3.Walk about 3 minutes from Iwakuraji station to get to Licht. 


By car  

The signs say “National park Tateyama” will lead you to very close to Licht.

About 30 minutes from Toyama station.

About 20 minutes from Toyama Interchange on Hokuriku Express Highway.  

About 15 minutes from Tateyama Interchange on Hokuriku Express Highway.

About 10 minutes from Nagaresugi Interchange (for only ETC equipped cars) on Hokuriku Express Highway. 


Bread making lessons “Licht” is on the back of family owned “ENEOS” gas station. There are a parking space and my house (Licht).



※ About parking

Please don’t park around “LP Gas Container Storage Space” so that haul trucks can come and go.