Japanese / English

Private lessons that make you feel relaxed

  • This class is located in a tranquil neighborhood on the way to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.
  • I always try to be kind and courteous when I instruct bread making.
  • You can choose which bread to learn to make. Please see “Bread” page.
  • You can also choose a lesson style which suits your need.
  • Please feel free to bring your children to a class.

“Licht” Classroom dedicated to bread making 

  • A part of the instructor’s house (about 20)
  • Kneading stand
  • Two tabletop gas ovens
  • One electric fermentor
  • 4 people can take a lesson simultaneously
  • I will give staggered lesson times when more than 5 people made a reservation on the same day. 

Three types of lesson style

General Lesson

We will make ONE type of bread.

Sometimes the other students make the same type of bread and sometimes don’t.


If you don’t indicate anything, then you will be taking a “General Lesson”

Double Lesson

We will make TWO types of bread in staggered lesson times. It is recommended to students who would like to use your time efficiently. The lesson fee will be the sum of the two types of bread.



Family Lesson

If you need to be assisted due to your age and physical condition, I can arrange the lesson to enjoy making bread with your family member (more than one assistant are accepted). I can also prepare a double quantity of ingredients upon your request. Additional fee will be charged. 300 yen per one person .