Japanese / English

This is a hand-kneading bread class that teaches you whatever suit your interest

and in whatever time and day is convenient for you. 

Feel comforted by the bread dough and satisfied with their taste.

I will convey to everyone the appeal of homemade bread that would make you and your surroundings happy.

Let’s start baking!!

Bread making class “Licht” is located in a tranquil neighborhood that is about 30 minutes drive or by train from the center of Toyama prefecture. The classroom has two gas ovens, one electric fermentor and big working stand that will lead you to a comfortable brad-making. Please experience a private lesson caring to feel from your hands, to feel comforted and to find an interest in something new to learn. 



Bread making lessons “Licht”

Instructor : Midori Iwata


・Originally from Fukui city in Fukui prefecture

・Graduated from Kyoto Women’s Junior College, majored in English language and literature

・Short-term study abroad in Germany

・Entering Hokuriku power company

・Driving trip in England

・Resignation from a company on marriage

・Moved to Tateyama-machi, Toyama

・Had a baby-girl on 2002

・Established Licht in April, 2006

・Studies and training in Paris

・Renovated a part of the house to make a classroom for baking in February, 2014.